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STEP TP-6000CE1 Strapping Machine with arch 850x600 -12mm


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Automatic Strapping machine with arch, for 9-12-15,5mm PP strap on Ø200 core. 26 straps per minute. MADE IN TAIWAN - Quality Machine

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17,900.00 DKK


• Automatic strapping machine for 9-12-15,5 mm PP strap.
• Manual adjustment of mechanical tensioning system, that can do a high tensioning without damaging the strap.
• Electrical connection, single phase according to your local standard.
• Standard arch size is 850x600 and the machine is set for 12mm strap.
• 9 and 15,5mm strap setting has to be ordered specially or per rebuild of stock machine.
• Technical Data (Standard)
• Strap Tension: 10kg - 70kg
• Conveyor Speed: 26 straps per minute
• Table Height: 810mm
• Net Weight: 220kg
• Electrical Requirements: Single Phase to Local Standard

Good value for money

Arch Height Arch Width
850 1050 1250 1450
400 Optional Optional Optional Optional
600 Standard Available Available Available
800 Available Available Optional Optional
1000 Available Optional Optional Optional
1200 Available Optional Optional Optional

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