String for Tying

Elastic, Polykordel, and PE strings suitable for most tying machines available in the market. These strings are made from durable and ...

  • 189.00 DKK

    Elastic String for String Tying Machines

    189.00 DKK
  • 0.00 DKK

    Package your goods using a durable and reliable strings that is made up of high quality and standards based material that can endure extreme tensions during delivery and storage.

  • 1,125.00 DKK

    PE String for String Tying. PE 1200 kordel 119-120 equals 1200 meter per kgs of string, 2 kgs per roll, 6 rolls per box. Price per carton:

    1,125.00 DKK
  • 0.00 DKK

    Good packaging keeps your product safe during its delivery to your consumer's doorstep, securing your goods with Polykordel UV Strings means using strings or threads that ensures it can stand the test of time since it is UV treated strings, which reduces degradation and compromise its ability to hold up over time.

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