String for Tying

Elastic, Polykordel, and PE strings suitable for most tying machines available in the market. These strings are made from durable and ...

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  • 175.00 DKK

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    Elastic String for String Tying Machines

    175.00 DKK
  • 59.00 DKK

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    Package your goods using a durable and reliable strings that is made up of high quality and standards based material that can endure extreme tensions during delivery and storage.

    59.00 DKK
  • 1,125.00 DKK

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    PE String for String Tying. PE 1200 kordel 119-120 equals 1200 meter per kgs of string, 2 kgs per roll, 6 rolls per box. Price per carton:

    1,125.00 DKK
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