Strapping Machines & Strap
Strapping is used to secure, maintain and bundle together products, crates and pallets by using a variety of strapping types. The process is carried out either manually by the use of tools like ...


  • Strapping Materials - Full Pallet Bargins
    Buying Strapping Materials in larger quantity can give large savings, within ths catagory we have assembled some of our best cost savers
  • Semi Automatic Strapping Machines

    STEP offers an array of Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines suitable for general strapping requirements using PP straps. Bundling goods together ready for distribution without corrupting product quality. A set of devices that are affordable yet powerful, reliable, and durable in terms of motor and performance standard. Added choice of low table machines are within this range for heavy and bulky machines, an ergonomic strap table that ensures comfortable working conditions, as well as a mini equipment for strapping operations in banks, offices, as well as mail offices.

  • Automatic Strapping Machines

    STEP provides Automatic Strapping Machines which is suitable for PP strap type. This list of equipment is installed with arches for boxes or package strapping and a wide range of arch size option is available to meet various applications. Applicable straps measures 5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, and 15mm as needed by businesses. Not failing to deliver economical automatic PP strapping machines that are competitive as regards to price rate with proven high standard performance.

  • Fully Automatic Strapping Machines

    STEP makes available Fully Automatic Strapping Machines with use of PP type of straps. These solutions are highly proven with reliability and durability when it comes to bundling of goods and securing for distribution. Such machines are used for a broad array of strapping applications which also eliminates downtime with its automatic functions that helps continue operation without slowing down due to strap misfeed or eject end of strap robotically. A choice of an equipment with driven rollers (STEP TP-601A) or belt-driven rollers (STEP TP-601B) are also available.

  • Side Seal Strapping Machines semi & automatic

    STEP delivers high speed Side Sealing PP Strapping Machines that meets flexibly with various applications. A choice of stainless steel housing is open for businesses that have too much humidity of an environment or wet produce that may corrode standard machine types - such as food or fishing industry. These equipment are accurate and consistent that neatly straps goods and/or packages for professional branding.

  • Corrugated Strapping Machines

    STEP provides a broad range of strapping equipment made with a ground-breaking and compact design for corrugated businesses. Machines that offers cost-effective and low maintenance solution without eliminating high standard produce, speed, and accuracy for achieving short-term and long-term efficiency rate. Guaranteeing a stable and reliable performance for the corrugated industry. With function such as compressing boxes and 3-side or 4-side squaring so to neatly and professionally strap cardboard boxes ready for distribution.

  • Print Media Strapping Machines

    STEP gives high-speed PP strapping machines that are purposively crafted for the print media industry. Bundling of magazines, newspapers, journals, and the likes are even made better with the various Print Media Strapping Solutions available. Models that is perfect for single or parallel strapping, longitudinal strapping, in-line cross strapping, even with multi-angle diverters for easy transport of goods in several directions. Helping to achieve a superior efficiency rate in the warehouse.

  • Pallet Strapping Machines

    STEP brings quality pallet strapping machines that are perfect for general pallet strapping requirements of businesses. A number of pallet strapping equipment that ensures pallet goods are secured tightly without damage or loss during transport. Added features with movable strap lance, index strapping head, and horizontal or vertical strapping applications. PP or PET type consumables may be used on some existing machines without missing ergonomic and economic advantage.

  • Project Strapping Machines

    STEP is also open in entering partnership to develop specific solutions needed for the tasks required by associates. Securing an inventive and feasible input to find the solution that will ensure an optimal and safe packaging of your products and automation of functions around the packaging process.

  • PP/PET Hand Strapping Tools

    STEP presents tools of several applications that helps with PP and/or PET manual strapping. These hand-held tools and devices are series of sealers and tensioners with serrated cutters for a complete manual strapping operation. User-friendly and ground-breaking design as top of mind, these devices are easy to use without dangers to operator. Robust and reliable that suits PP or PET straps of different sizes.

  • Battery Tension and Sealing Strapping Hand tools for PP & PET Strap

    STEP delivers battery powered and pneumatic hand strapping devices for general strapping applications. These equipment are made portably hand held and are made with lightweight materials to reduce user exhaustion when operating the tool. The range are easy to use and are user-friendly and keeps safe operations. Tools perfect for straps that measures 9mm, 12mm, 13mm, 16mm, and 19mm are widely available.

  • Steel Strap Hand Strapping Tools

    STEP offers a variety of steel strap tensioners and sealers for metal seals and sealless types. A range of state-of-the-art devices that guarantees quality sealing. Safeguarding superior standard of goods and reducing material cost as much as possible, these tools are proven ergonomic and cost-effective for warehouses and businesses that manually steel straps packages, produce, and boxes.

  • Strap Wagons and Trolleys

    STEP series of trolleys and wagons are perfectly fitted for transporting and easy dispensing of strapping materials within the warehouse. Keeping comfort of worker as materials are lifted for a short period of time. Appropriate for straps and cords of different core sizes.

  • PP Strapping Materials

    STEP supplies polypropylene straps that is used commonly in strapping of packages, boxes, and other goods. An array of PP straps that varies from 5mm, 9mm, and 12mm in width as well as 0.45mm, 0.55mm, and 0.63mm in thickness is made available. Offering a wide range of PP options for various business, machine, and tool requirements.

  • PET Strapping Materials

    STEP provides polyester straps for stronger strap requirements. A safe and reliable type of strap that is capable of absorbing impact when in transport and handles better than most of the other strap types. Delivering straps that measures 12mm, 12.5mm, 15.5mm, and 19mm in width while 0.6mm, 0.7mm, and 0.8mm in thickness.

  • WG Strapping Materials

    STEP makes available WG straps which are based in parallel bonding of polyester threads. This then gives more strength in securing of goods, increased ability in energy absorption, as well as a gentle touch for the goods being bundled. Greatly protecting quality of produce in the most tender way possible. Available in different width and coil for meeting machine requirements.

  • Steel Strapping Materials

    STEP does not fail to offer steel straps besides PP, PET, and WG strap types. These are basically for securing goods such as wood and steel for a more rigid packing. Straps that are available measures from 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm as regards to width while thickness varies from -.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, and 0.8mm.

  • Seals & Buckles for Strapping

    STEP gives a variety of seals and buckles for strapping. These metal seals and plastic buckles comes in several types and measurements that suits strap width, strap type, and also matches sealer and tensioner being used. Creating a swift operation for manual strapping applications.

  • Corner Protector

    STEP range of PP, PET, WG, and Steel straps then requires corner protectors to help not deform or damage goods and items being strapped for shipment. Corner protectors are mostly used for packages that are boxed, on the other hand, protectors are used in plastic corners that straps may injure items of several other packaging shape.

  • Edge Protector
    STEP range of PP, PET, WG, and Steel straps then requires edge protectors to help not deform or damage goods and items being strapped for shipment. Plastic edge protectors are used in edges that straps may injure items of several other packaging shape.
  • STEP Transpak Strapping Machines

    Sal-Tech Easy Packaging (STEP) and the prominent Transpak Equipment Corporation joins together to bring businesses innovative strapping solutions. The partnership promotes satisfaction of customers, both securing machines are molded and distributed through a structured approach as well as providing a cost-effective design and improved production performance. Safekeeping your palletized goods like never before.

  • Strapping Rod for Pallet

    Strapping rod makes strapping pallets a lot faster and simpler.

  • Steel Strap Cutters
    Steel Strap Cutters for easy and safe opening of pallets strapped with steel straps.
  • STEP Pneumatic tensioners and sealers for PP or PET strap
    STEP delivers pneumatic hand strapping devices for general strapping applications. These equipment are made portably hand held and are made with lightweight materials to reduce user exhaustion when operating the tool. The range are easy to use and are user-friendly and keeps safe operations. Tools perfect for straps that measures 9mm, 13mm, 16mm and 19mm are available.
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