E3Hallbrook Ergonomical Packaging Tables & Solutions

E3Hallbrook designs and produces a wide range of ergonomic solutions making it easier and faster to pack your parcels. Secure less movements, better quality and gathering more information will ...

  • 19,975.00 DKK

    Minimize discomfort with STEP Ergo Strap Table. A well-designed strapping stand to achieve efficiency of your workers and decreases health issues that entails during the packing process. An ergonomic choice promoting less handling cost.

    19,975.00 DKK
  • 3,990.00 DKK

    The Retro Fit Scale is a measuring gauge that specifically accommodates STEP TP-202 strapping machine. This scale can take a package load of up until 200kg, making strapping and weighing processes simpler and faster. Creating a more efficient operation as it eliminates downtime due to transporting of packages in different places for processing.

    3,990.00 DKK
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