Bags for Sealers

LDPE heat sealable bags, zipperbags with or without writting feild, OPP bags with glue closing, bubble envolopes for protection of your products, whatever your need check our range.

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  • 90.00 DKK

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    PE bags for manual packaging of items according to chosen dimension and thickness of film. Weldable with heat sealing.

    90.00 DKK
  • 41.00 DKK

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    Zipper Bags. Great for storing foods. Can also be used to package pharmaceutical products like tablets, capsules, etc.

    41.00 DKK
  • 425.00 DKK

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    Flat alu/foil bags that are made with PET and PE - best suitable for packaging food, to secure freshness.

    425.00 DKK
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