Seals, metal buckels and plastic buckles

Seals and buckels, metal and plastic for strapping applications and adaption for the most common tools in the market.

Seals, metal buckels and plastic buckles


Seals and buckels, metal and plastic for strapping applications and adaption for the most common tools in the market.


  • Semi Open PP Strap Seals

    Add a tight and secure hold off your straps using our quality assured metal seals that comes in different types and sizes to fit your very need. Several measurements of open lipped PP straps are available in this category for the compatibility of straps used in various industrial warehouses, such as: 13x30x0.5mm, 13x25-28x0.5mm, 16x30x0.5mm, 16x25-28x0.5mm, and 13x30x0.6mm.

  • Plastic Buckles

    Plastic Buckles appropriate for either manual or semi-automatic strapping operations with use of tools that makes strapping processes simpler and faster. These buckles come in different colors and strap width suitability. Available for purchase in this category are black or white colored plastic seal with strap compatibility of 12mm-13mm or 15.5mm-16mm.

  • Serrated PET Strap Seals

    STEP serrated PET seals for straps suitable for basic to heavy duty applications are offered to secure the protection of goods that has been strapped for distribution. These seals are armed with serrated teeth inside to grip onto the strap helping improve the breaking strain of the strapping seal. Various sealing measurements are available to meet the strap width of 13mm, 16mm, and 19mm PET bands.

  • Push Type Seals

    A set of push type strapping seal, also known as closed seals, are provided by STEP to lock PP bands after tensioning. These metal seals are of different sizes as to fitting the band width and tension requirements. As for the available dimensions, 10x25x0.6mm, 13x25x0.6mm, 6x25x0.6mm, and 19x25x0.6mm are offered, with ensured quality raw materials and tight security of strapped goods and/or packages.

  • Steel Buckles for WG Straps

    These STEP steel buckles are used to secure and tension WG straps by pulling the strap through the buckle. Also, special type of manual or semi-automatic strapping tool is may be used to tension the straps ready for distribution. Available metal buckles are suitable for straps measuring 9mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, and 38mm in width.

  • Staples for Cardboard Boxes

    STEP staple wires made particularly for cardboard box sealing are reliable with its great strength and rust resistant material, securing a smooth operation and stable box for distribution purposes. There are different staple wire dimensions for various industrial and packaging needs, such as: 35x15mm, 35x18mm, and 35x22mm. A range for basic to heavy duty cardboard box stapling requirements.

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