Semi Automatic Strapping Machines

STEP offers an array of Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines suitable for general strapping requirements using PP straps. ...

  • 6,990.00 DKK

    STEP TP-202CE1 is a semi-automatic PP strapping machine made suitable for low to medium volume strapping requirements of various industries. Compatible for PP straps measuring 6 mm up until 15.5mm in width, ensuring a protection of goods integrity.

    6,990.00 DKK
  • 19,975.00 DKK

    Minimize discomfort with STEP Ergo Strap Table. A well-designed strapping stand to achieve efficiency of your workers and decreases health issues that entails during the packing process. An ergonomic choice promoting less handling cost.

    19,975.00 DKK
  • 17,500.00 DKK

    STEP TP 502 MV or Mini Vertical. a Semi-Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine, suitable for corrugated card boards, concrete blocks and loaded pallet with cardboard boxes holding any type of products. Provides ergonomic and cost – effective solution for low volume vertical pallet strapping applications.

    17,500.00 DKK
  • 3,995.00 DKK

    STEP AS-50 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine for Basic strapping of products. Great value for small money.

    3,995.00 DKK
  • 15,990.00 DKK

    A Semi-Automatic Side Sealing Strapping Machine ideal for food and fishing industry. This machine offers reliability and high performance to accomplish difficult tasks. Built with stainless steel body for cleanliness and food quality.

    15,990.00 DKK
  • 7,490.00 DKK

    The STEP TP-202L is a low table model that could accommodate products of bulkier and heavier nature. Guaranteed economic with its performance to price ratio whilst also keeping an ergonomic environment – lessening the need for and exhaustion of workers to carry and transport larger packages with a very low table top.

    7,490.00 DKK
  • 3,990.00 DKK

    The Retro Fit Scale is a measuring gauge that specifically accommodates STEP TP-202 strapping machine. This scale can take a package load of up until 200kg, making strapping and weighing processes simpler and faster. Creating a more efficient operation as it eliminates downtime due to transporting of packages in different places for processing.

    3,990.00 DKK
  • 7,990.00 DKK

    STEP TP-203 is a mini version of STEP TP-202CE, with added smoke exhaust system designed for applications in offices, banks, post offices, bookstores, department stores, and many more. An economic choice for businesses with tight budget yet still secures maximum performance and value with its reliable motor and output.

    7,990.00 DKK
  • 39,800.00 DKK

    This equipment is ergonomically-driven as it can be moved simply without lifting and/or moving pallet that is needed to be strapped. Economic for strapping pallets with horizontal strapping requirements.

    39,800.00 DKK
  • 55,600.00 DKK

    A horizontal pallet strapping machine perfect for strap sealing boxes containing food and non-food products, ensuring safekeeping and quality goods for consumers. It is designed with a battery powered supply for economical charging.

    55,600.00 DKK
  • 8,990.00 DKK

    STEP TP-502CE Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines. A packaging table with electrically adjustable tensioning.

    8,990.00 DKK
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