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STEP TP-201YS Side-Seal Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine


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A Semi-Automatic Side Sealing Strapping Machine ideal for food and fishing industry. This machine offers reliability and high performance to accomplish difficult tasks. Built with stainless steel body for cleanliness and food quality.

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15,990.00 DKK

Semi Automatic Vertical Stainless Steel Strapping Machine for 6 to 15,5 mm but set for 12mm PP strap, table height adjustable, ø 200 core.


● Suitable for low volume applications
● Mechanical tension control
● Reliable Printed Circuit Board control
● Energy saving- motor only runs as needed
● Rigid castors with brake
● Adjustable table height between 420 mm and 770 mm

Stap Width 6mm - 15.5mm
Tension Range 15 – 45kg
Weight 125kg
Electrical Requirements 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz 1PH

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