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Shrink Packaging with use of Polyolefin or PE films protects products and packages from accidentally being opened and/or tampered. With the right size of shrinking machine, almost all products ...

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  • Automatic Shrink Packaging Machines

    Our Automatic Shrink Packaging Machines combines sealing and shrinking all in one go. They come in various sizes and dimensions, depending on your production needs. Offering a quick & efficient packaging, keeping your products protected from accidental spills, dust or tampering.

  • Polyolefin Shrink Film

    Polyolefin is the most common shrink film today, due to its strength, clarity, and flexibility. It is widely used for packaging both edible and non-edible products whilst maintaining the quality of goods being packed. Polyolefin shrink film offers a strong, puncture resistant seal that may be used for all types of manual, semi-automatic, and automatic equipment.

  • PE Shrink Film

    Our PE strong film provides a puncture resistant surface to protect the product integrity especially from packages with sharp edges or irregular shapes. With its high quality shrinking ability, it can effectively prevent distortions and provide a secure package with a good appearance.

  • Heat Shrink Guns

    The heat shrink guns under this category aims to seal and secure products from being influenced by physical and chemical factors. This shrink torch are very robust and reliable that heats shrink films fast without having issues in hand exhaustion of user since its made from lightweight materials and is very much suggested in terms of portability. Easy to use for wide range of industries.

  • Shin packaging machines
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