Polyolefin Shrink Film


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STEP Polyolefin Shrink Film


Polyolefin Shrink Film are used together with a heat shrinking machine or tool. It is used for shrink packaging products and also serves as a security against product tampering.

More details

● Polyolefin (POF) is the most common shrink film used today due to its strength and flexibility.
● Our high quality Polyolefin shrink wrap is widely used for packaging both edible and non-edible products.
● It is the preferred choice for packaging food because it produces lesser odor compared to PVC and it has flexible storage options, as well as being a stretchier, more transparent film.
● We offer a variety of properties such as thickness, opacity, strengths and shrink ratio.
● Our Polyolefin Shrink film can be used with our heat shrink guns or passed through a heat tunnel or L-bar sealer with our Shrink Packaging Machines.