Packaging Materials

Giving a wide variety of packaging materials that are not only available herewith but also for the ones generally being used, our range also covers materials for manual packaging and other ...

Packaging Materials


Giving a wide variety of packaging materials that are not only available herewith but also for the ones generally being used, our range also covers materials for manual packaging and other support products as related.


  • Bags for Packaging

    Bag for packaging can be made of paper, wowen materials and plastics and a combination of same. Many paper types are plastic coated to give special advantages and within plastic bags many types are in the market, ranging from zipper bags, PE bags, BOPP bags and many other types. Within the wowen bag a large range of types exist. Many are made to customer specifications in regards to size, print, color and form.


  • Banding tape

    Banding tapes for use with a wide range of bandig machiens in the market. ATS-Tanner US 2000, ATS CE240-30 and ATS MS-420, Dallipak Ultramatic machine series, Akebono range of banding machines and many otehr producers. We have direct production capability allowing us to delivery most kinds of banding tapes within variation on width, core inside diameter, roll length, print and other varibles.   

  • Cardboard Boxes

    Cardboard boxes for your goods and packages. Cardboard boxes come in all sizes but easiest is to chose from our large standard range of cardboard boxes if you need a limited supply quantity.

  • Corner and Edge Protection

    A selection of corner and edge protector for stacking and transport applications are made available for STEP clients. These small tools are made from reliable raw materials to secure that corrugated boxes maintain its shape and prevent damages even after strapping operations or during distribution. Added to its advantage, this little cushion prevents injuries brought about by sharp box edges. Fulfilling a safe and professional working environment and through further safety conditions.

  • Document Pouches

    Pack your documents, brochures, quotations and letters with STEP economical and superior standard document pouches. It comes in different sizes, forms and purposes that suites industries’ very needs as a support for packaged goods being shipped or received. Creating a better sale with the needed documents and manuals safe and crisp, along with the merchandise.

  • Film knives and Clips removers

    Offering a range of tools that helps in unsealing and/or unclamping corrugated boxes or other types of packages that is sealed through film, tape, or staple wires. Ensuring manufacturing plant with an easier day to day warehouse operation, in general. Equipped with a lightweight material and easy to grip handle for various cutting applications.

  • Kraft Paper, Fidele, ...

    Kraft paper, fidele, packaging paper are presented to cover any packaging needs of various packaging applications. Available Fidel papers are of width measuring 70cm, 88cm, 110cm, 125cm, and 150cm – securing to fit needs of businesses be it of industrial or commercial background. Kraft paper rolls are also offered for better sacks and bag closing. These packaging papers are made with quality materials and machinery to ensure the best for our customers.

  • Labels for Packaging

    Offering labels with common requirements for the distribution and packaging industry, STEP ensures the quality of these labelling stickers. With a print that does not easily wash out and glues well with most packaging material, these tags guarantee the added complexity and information for the warehouse and customers. Never leading to suspensions and mix-ups with the right labelling tag.

  • Manila labels, Manila ...

    Packaging tapes of different material, color, and core size, providing tightly secured packages of various size. These are made from high standard supplies giving a quality seal. A series of tapes that is compatible with our available dispensers. Gummed tape is offered for manual to completely automatic machine use whilst low noise tapes are for general warehouse and industry purposes. For special adhesive, a red bag sealer tape of 12mm is accessible – suitable for T-910 and T-916 with serrated cutter.

  • Packaging Tapes

    To add up to the packaging functionality and data, a set of packaging materials are provided by STEP. These quality products reach both standards of local market and international market. Ensuring that the packages for distribution or delivery are informative with labels or tags and protected with elastic bands and/or manilla clips.

  • PP, PET, Steel strap, WG ...

    Strap materials for all kinds of purpose when you want to bundle, fixate or any other way secure your loads and products. Strap can be made from plastics: PET Polyester, PP Polypropylen and PA Polyamid or steel strap blank, heat treated or black painted or even stainless steel, or WG and EG strap made from wowen and hotmelt glued string elements, WG is PET polyester and EG is PP Polypropylen as basis.

  • Protection in Rolls, foam, ...

    Protection foamed film and card board in rolls are made easy to adapt in any packaging scenario where you need to be fast and flexible. Securing an optimal and safe protection or packaging. Bubble plastic, corrugated cardboard, and foam are available for desired protection of packaging rolls.

  • Seals, metal buckels and ...

    Seals and buckels, metal and plastic for strapping applications and adaption for the most common tools in the market.

  • Shrink film

    Offering shrink films that seals products together that reveals the product information for customers to easily recognize the goods without jeopardizing the produce with external pollutants and contamination. A couple of shrink films are available for purchase with their specific purpose such as PE films and Polyolefine Films to suit the requirements of packaging.

  • Stretch film & Hand wrap film

    LLDPE stretch film wound as hand rolls, machine rolls either standard dimensions or to specification lie within our range of products offerings with PE stretch film og pallet film. A stand machine roll is wound on Ø76mm inside core and 500-530 mm core allowing a 500mm wide film, typically having roll weights between 16 to 17,5 kgs. Standard handrolls are often wound on Ø50/51mm core allowing 450mm or 500mm wide film, most typical with 300meter each hand roll. Often 6 rolls per box weighing approx. 11-13 kgs.

    Our newly introduced E3 Wrap film concept gives many advantages comparred to both machien rolls and hand rolls. Thes einclude easier handling, high yeilds on output, economical film usage, easy to laod options withour E3 Wrap 2100 concept.


  • Strings for Packaging

    Packaging string comes in many types as string is a very wide range of products. We have in our range elastic string, PE string, Polytape and other kinds of string and thread used for specific applications within packaging.  

  • Topfilm for pallets

    Top film for securing your pallets against dust and/or water and rain. PE top film can be ordered in any width between 1 and 3000mm. Our range on stock includes sevaral standard dimensions and types with premarked sheets on a roll. For dust proof protection we recommend a 25my film thinkness and for rain proof a minimum thinkness of 50my. If you need mechanical stabillity higher thickness can be the obvious choice

  • Tube Film on rolls

    Tube film is used for making bags og desired length, chosing the width of the roll as the width of the bag. Our standard range cover with from 40 to 1000mm and thickness 50, 100 and 150 my, but special thinckess can be produced to order. 

  • Pharma Packaging
    Pharmaceutical packaging is the packaging of pharmaceutical products. It involves all of the activities associated with the packaging of drugs, including the design and production of packaging materials and containers, as well as the actual packing of the finished product.
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