Carton Forming and Closing

Carboard boxes are primarily required for packing products ready for distribution. Sal-Tech Easy Packaging offers a wide array of carton erectors and sealers that meets your warehouse ...


  • Carton Closing Machines

    Carton sealers are used for closing center folded cartons with tape typically 50 or 75mm wide, but we can also delivery tape aggregates for 38 and 100mm tape. We have a range of carton sealers can be used on carton coming in series or other types for cartons coming in random order self adjusting automatically to fit dimensions. We have carton closers and sealers that can fold the carton before taping again in series or random. We also have solutions for side and corner sealing of cartons.

    A compact designed carton sealer that aids in securing light to heavy boxes, these series of machines are of imported and high-end materials to uphold the quality and integrity of goods being packed. From basic to heavy duty corrugated box sealing, these are also installed with functions to match the requirements of the warehouse without added unnecessary features. Producing an increased productivity at a reasonable value.


  • Carton Forming Machines

    Carton formers are used to errect teh carton as first step in any production line where the end product is packed into a carton for distribution. The carton former opens and forms the carton and will in many case either hold and present the carton for filling or close the bottom with tape or hotmelt glue. Carton formers come in many different variants depending of carton size, speed and capacity, flexibility in changing carton/box size for running either in series or even random on request 1 by 1. 

  • Tape Dispensers

    Tape dispenser are used for manual closing and taping of cartons. They come in many variants toward the tape they suppport, width and core diameter, noise reduction, type of handle and application it is to be used for.

  • Tapemeter

    Offering an array of tapemetres, STEP prides itself with reliable and consistent tape measuring dispenser. Options of several tape width that are well-suited with the dispenser are available - meeting the requirements of various packaging situations.

  • Tapes and Adhesive Rolls

    We can deliver tape within many materials, with, colors, glue type, noise reduction, core diameter, printed logos and standard printed types.

  • Protection in Rolls Cardboard-Bubble-Foam

    Protection in rolls, when you need to pack and send the odd item, from your shop, warehouse or when moving. A flexible solution that will adapt to any need.

  • Manual and Pneumatic Staplers

    Bridging superior standard manual and pneumatic staplers for sealing requirements during packing, shipment, and other operation which needs stapling of goods. STEP offers a variety of lightweight and hand-held devices for fastening cartons, insulation, house wrap, roofing, wiring, carpeting, upholstery, and hobby, and craft materials. Providing added security with staple wires accessible in different size and strength.

  • Gummed Paper Electric Dispenser
    Designed to suit electrical regulations all across the world.
  • Reuse of Materials
    Reuse of Materials and Cutting
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