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STEP Pneumatic Stapler on Stand PB3522



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A stapler stand used for hands free sealing of cardboard boxes, appropriate for staple width 34.7mm and height 15/18/22mm.

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STEP PB 3522 is a pneumatic stapler for bottom and transport packaging purposes. It is mounted at a flat surface and seals 50 to a hundred carton bottoms an hour. A faster and more productive solution for your carton box sealing needs. Designed with a foot pedal for simple operations as well as an easy staple load feature for fast staple loading. The Air Carton Stapler has safety guards to secure full safety when working.

Product Features:1. Safety Pedal: A foot pedal promoting safety for user2. Robust frame: Durable with steel tubing frame and hard steel parts3. Productivity: An increase rate of efficiency than average stapling machines

Dimension 830 x 600 x 1245mm
Weight 29.3kg
Working Height 930mm
Throat Depth 320mm
PN Pressure 5.5 – 6bar
Staple Magazine 200pcs 34.7mm x 15/18/22mm


Nails/Staple for Cardboard Staplers

Description Item No. Pcs/carton
35x15 (Staple 34.7 X 15mm) 59553515 2,500 or 25,000
35x18 (Staple 34.7 X 18mm) 59553518 2,500 or 25,000
35x22 (Staple 34.7 X 22mm) 59553522 2,500 or 25,000

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