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STEP ST103 Manual Bottom Cardboard Stapler for 35/18



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The STEP ST103 Manual Bottom Cardboard Stapler is a hand-held made for sealing cardboard boxes. It makes a very reliable seal perfect for most boxed products.

The simplest and easiest way for sealing cardboard boxes. A manual and portable stapler for your needs.

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The STEP Manual Stapler is designed to close boxes with simplicity. This is a handheld sealer appropriate for staple sizing from 35mm(W) x 18mm on stock or option 15mm(H) for back order, as required. It is used manually yet provides comfort for its good grip handle assuring a more productive operation.

Staple Width 35mm
Staple Height 18mm (option 15mm)


Nails/Staple for Cardboard Staplers

Description Item No. Pcs/carton
35x15 (Staple 34.7 X 15mm) 59553515 2,500 or 25,000
35x18 (Staple 34.7 X 18mm) 59553518 2,500 or 25,000
35x22 (Staple 34.7 X 22mm) 59553522 2,500 or 25,000

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