Staples for Cardboard Boxes


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STEP Staples for Cardboard Boxes


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Box Staple Wires perfect for heavy duty box sealing requirements. Price per box of 2.000 pieces.

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250.00 DKK

A steel fastener to smartly staple and anchor cardboard boxes with selections fitting to your needs. Engineered with a reliable strength and corrosion protector thus withstanding the complications that comes from distribution.

Nails/Staple Options:

Item No. Description Pcs/box/carton
59553515 35x15 (Staple 34.7 X 15mm) 2.000 per box
20.000 per carton
59553518 35x18 (Staple 34.7 X 18mm) 2.000 per box
20.000 per carton
59553522 35x22 (Staple 34.7 X 22mm) 2.000 per box
20.000 per carton