Tape Dispensers

Tape dispenser are used for manual closing and taping of cartons. They come in many variants toward the tape they suppport, ...

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  • 215.00 DKK

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    Bonus Tape Dispensers for easy applying of tapes for packaging.

    215.00 DKK
  • 49.50 DKK

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    High quality manual tape dispenser equipped with anti reversing brake. Chose type for the tape width you need. Core Ø76mm.

    49.50 DKK
  • 59.75 DKK

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    Closing tape dispenser available in variety of sizes. Suitable for strapping and bundling boxes to keep them secure.

    59.75 DKK
  • 1,495.00 DKK

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    The STEP PrintWiz is a hand-held tape dispenser capable of directly printing custom texts and images on tape. It is ideal for branding and sealing carton boxes. It can save cost from pre-made printed tapes by printing on the fly and interchangable die.

    1,495.00 DKK
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