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E3 Wrap 2100 Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper with Height Sensor


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E3 WRAP 2100 is an all-around semi-automatic pallet wrapper which ensures quality and quantity packaging of wide range pallet wrapping requirements. Easy to operate and no difficult training needed with its simple user interface and functions. An asset following an eco-friendly, ergonomic, and economic solution, this equipment is also lightweight crafted with 95% recyclable materials.

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16,000.00 DKK

This E3 WRAP 2100 semi-automatic pallet wrapper is crafted using 95% recyclable materials, stays horizontal and could wrap more than a hundred pallets in a single work shift providing you neatly packed pallets ready for distribution. Best suitable for wrapping pallets of various dimensions.

An ergonomic design with lightweight materials and rolls so to ease lifting which meant reduction of labor exhaustion in the warehouse. The 5-level safety feature provides operator protection from hazards. With its spatial concept, the equipment indeed gives more than enough space to walk through since it does not need a turn table when operating compared to other products with same capacity. Not to mention that machine is engineered to save time and cost for its 1 to 2-minute wrapping procedure at a reasonable price.

An innovative solution to upgrade from manual pallet wrapping, E3 WRAP 2100 does not fail to secure the quality and integrity of goods, lessen labor effort, increase efficiency, and improve overall performance.

Taking you to the next level with its:

1. Lightweight Eco-Friendly Machine: Designed with recyclable materials of about 95%

2. No Ramp, No Hill, No Blockage: No need for turn tables hence there won’t be any pushing or pulling of pallets for wrapping purposes

3. No Package Weight Limit: As pallets are situated on the floor without any ramp, package weight is boundless

4. Easy to Operate: Equipped with a Mini PLC. Standard program of top and button wraps can be modified using the PLC with the aid of a programming cable item no. 95081884 if to be adjusted by operator. Download of required software is free when purchased

5. Height Detection

6. Brake Pre-Stretch with Photocell: Film is stretched to its potential competence hence saving material and reducing cost.

7. Speed: Ensuring to wrap pallets at a speed of 25 – 500 pallets/week, this is also perfect for packing standard pallets:

Film Roll Specifically made for E3 WRAP 2100: A film roll of 750mm wide on a ø38mm core saves you film, transport cost, and transport time. Rolls also weighs less than 12kg to a standard of 17kg for lifting ease

EURO Pallet: 800mm x 1200mm

US Pallet: 1000mm x 1200mm

Industrial Pallet: 1350mm x 950mm

8. 5 Level Safety System: Includes an emergency stop safety system for preventing hazards to personnel welfare. Rotary arm will ensure stop when operator would get in the way even during motion

9. Easy to install: A wall-mounted stretch film wrapper and option for POLE free standing installation

10. CE and ROHS compliant

Dimension when installed (HxBxD/Ø) 2800mm x 2255mm x 2450mm/Ø2225mm
Space needed when parked 400mm x 600mm
Maximum pallet size (standard) 1200mm x 1200mm x 2200mm, no weight limit
Turning Diameter (standard) 2000mm, 360⁰ Full Access
Speed 2200mm high pallet, approximately 90 seconds1000mm high pallet, less than 60 seconds
Power 110 V to 230 V, 60/50 Hz
Pallet Demand Low pallet, approx.1000mm, approx.60 seconds per pallet
High pallet, approx. 1800mm, approx. 90 seconds per pallet
Wraps Standard Pallet EURO Pallet: 800mm x 1200mm
US Pallet: 1000mm x 1200mm
Industrial Pallet: 1350mm x 950mm
E3 Wrap Film Size (Width and Core) 750mm ø38mm core
Standard Program Wraps Button Wraps: 1 at the beginning and 1 at the end, 2 in total
Top Wraps: 1 top wrap
Net Weight 60kg


• Pallet height 2700mm/3000mm.
• Motor control for overlap adjustment
• POLE H3000mm, for floor mounting, or higher as an option
• Scale for weighing pallets, 2000kg (see E3 WRAP 2100 SCALE)
• Double wrapping requirement (see E3 WRAP 2100 DUO)
• Large diameter of 2500 mm, pallet 2000 x 600 mm (see 

• Special applications on request

Installation (if desired):
• Installation and/or service contract has a set of terms and price, kindly contact us for more information

E3 WRAP Film Standard Range
This Film range is best suited for E3 WRAP 2100 series use. A high standard LLDPE stretch wrapping film made available in several thickness, elongation and colors such as: black, white, and transparent for different business needs.

Film Material LLDPE, Oktene LDPE
Elongation 150% to 200% minimum stretch
Dimension of Roll Core ø38/Ø53 x 770mmFilm on core 750mm x Ø140 maximum
Colors Transparent, black, white
Core Material Paper wound core (ø38/Ø53x 770mm)
Weight Core weight approximately: 1,02kgFilm weight approximately: 9,315kgRoll complete approximately: 10,2kgBox of 1 roll approximately: 10,5kg gross
Packaging Film Material 1 roll per box, 150x150x780mm35/70 boxes per layer/pallet1050x750mm

Item No. of Film Types (Standard)

Thickness 10my 12my 15my 17my 20my 23my
Film Length 1350 1125 925 800 675 585
Elongation 200% 200% 200% 200% 150%
Clear/Transparent 54751000 54751200 54751500 54751700 54752000 54752300
Black/Non-Transparent 54752010
White/Semi-Transparent 54752060

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