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E3 Wrap Transparent Film


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The E3 Wrap Transparent Film, LLDPE, is an all-purpose stretch film best suitable for our E3 Pallet Wrapping range. Made from bio-friendly materials and made available from 10my to 23my, 750mm in width, and 585m to 1375m per roll.

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A high standard stretch film made from quality materials adds up reliability and protection of palletized goods. In line with this, we offer an LLDPE film that is best suitable with our E3 WRAP 2100 pallet wrapper series. Joining forces to maintain a quick and smooth operation without risking environment safety with its bio-friendly raw materials, and employee well being with a light film weight compared to most products in the market.

For shipment and packaging of our E3 Film: 1 roll as single roll parcel; 6 & 8 rolls on 1/4 pallet; 12, 16 and 20 rolls on ½ Euro pallet; and 35/70 rolls on 1/1 Euro pallet.

*NOTE: Factory standard pallet 70 rolls, 2 layers each 35 rolls or 35 rolls single layer.

Core Dimension Ø38/ Ø46 x 770mm
Elongation 150% min stretch
Film Material LLDPE, Oktene LDPE
Color Transparent
Film Thickness 10my, 12my, 15my, 17my, 20my or 23my
Film Width 750mm
Film Length per Roll 20my 675meter - 17my 800meter - 15my 925meter - 12my 1050meter - 10my 1375meter  - 23my 585meter
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E3 Wrap Transparent Film 35 278.00 DKK
E3 Wrap Transparent Film 70 272.00 DKK
E3 Wrap Transparent Film 140 268.00 DKK

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