Horizontal Wrappers

  • 109,000.00 DKK

    STEP DW Pro 600 - Orbital Wrapping Machine is a fully automatic machine comes with a 7 inches smart touch panel. Small in size. Big on Capability. Dyna wrap Pro 600. It is the perfect choice for to wrap moldings, profiles, blinds, shelves and kit furniture. The net inlet diameter is 600mm. Schneider Electronics control system, mega dyne quality belts.

    109,000.00 DKK
  • 118,200.00 DKK

    STEP DW Pro 1100 Orbital Wrapping Machine brings more of our most powerful technologies more than ever.Robust chassis, smart touch panel, fully automatic control system brings the best performance for your needs. Pro 1100 is perfect for wrapping furniture, doors, wood panels, cabinets, wooden boards and windows.

    118,200.00 DKK
  • 136,800.00 DKK

    STEP DW Pro 1400 is Heavy on Features  Affordable on Price. For high-volume operations, the Perfect Pro Series Fully automated orbital wrapping system delivers the perfect combination of high speed, through put and efficiency.

    136,800.00 DKK
  • 191,700.00 DKK

    STEP DW Pro Series 1700 is an Horizontal Wrapping Machine with a Crown Diameter of 1780 mm. The inner net passing diameter is 1700mm. Considering the wide diameter it will wrap any kind of Sofa Perfectly. 

    191,700.00 DKK
  • 296,300.00 DKK

    STEP DW Pro Series 2200 Orbital Wrapping Machine is a fully automatic machine comes with a 7 inch smart touch panel.

    296,300.00 DKK
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