Vertical Form Fill and Seal

These VFFS machines are crafted with superior raw materials that made it globally accepted with certifications. Designed to ...

  • 92,500.00 DKK

    A VFFS bagging machine which operates at a high level of flexibility, ideal for the packaging needs of various industries such as Food, Cosmetics, Pet Foods, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

    92,500.00 DKK
  • 85,900.00 DKK

    This Vertical Bagger Form Fill and Seal Bagging equipment is equipped with Servo Driven Motor, designed for efficiency and built with precision and reliable. With the intermittent motion flexible packaging machine this is very much suitable for different types of Films and applications.

    85,900.00 DKK
  • 120,000.00 DKK

    A VFFS Bagging Machine designed for forming, filling and Sealing quickly, accurately and reliably. Built for precision packing, suitable for different type of films and applications.

    120,000.00 DKK
  • 99,800.00 DKK

    A VFFS Bagging Machine designed for high performance, fast economical and Robust and sanitary design suitable for a wide range of challenging industries from packing Snacks, Candy, Nuts, Seeds, Fresh Salad, Fruits, Pet Foods, Medical and Pharmaceutical Products.

    99,800.00 DKK
  • 125,000.00 DKK

    Auto Clipping Machine designed for netting fruits and vegetables, one motor controls the tube which enables the replacement of tube automatic, net extraction through sliding mechanism with 2 gears. 

    125,000.00 DKK
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