E3Hallbrook Pallet Wrapping Machines

The E3 Pallet Wrapper Series includes models that meets specific business wrapping requirements. Its rotating arm design ensures to save space that’s needed for the warehouse and is engineered ...

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  • 16,000.00 DKK

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    E3 WRAP 2100 is an all-around semi-automatic pallet wrapper which ensures quality and quantity packaging of wide range pallet wrapping requirements. Easy to operate and no difficult training needed with its simple user interface and functions. An asset following an eco-friendly, ergonomic, and economic solution, this equipment is also lightweight crafted...

    16,000.00 DKK
  • 279.00 DKK

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    The E3 Wrap Transparent Film, LLDPE, is an all-purpose stretch film best suitable for our E3 Pallet Wrapping range. Made from bio-friendly materials and made available from 10my to 23my, 750mm in width, and 585m to 1375m per roll.

    279.00 DKK
  • 325.00 DKK

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    E3 Wrap Film Black LLDPE. The pallet wrap film to use with E3 Pallet wrappers when you want to hide the content and protect it.

    325.00 DKK
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