Banding Machines & Banding Tape

A range of banding equipment to secure, maintain and bundle produce by using either a banding paper PB or PW, foil FTN or DSU, or foam foil FWG banding tape. It is sealed using hot weld or ...


  • Banding Machines

    This product are available in 2 main types. Hot or ultrasonic-welding.It is equipped with a frame or an internal gripping turn function to put the banding tape in a position where the subject product can be brought into the band area, the band is tightened around the product and then welded. The tension control varies between different machines. Some banding machines  are capable of very light and very tight tensioning, while others can only operate in the middle.

  • Banding Machine Tape

    The banding tape you choose must match the band machine you choose. Banding Machines are available in 2 main types of heat or ultrasonic welding.

  • Banding systems for inline automation
    Inline banding any high value industrial product is a sure way to optimize comparred to many other bundtling and boxing method, as it is both faster, more sustainable and a better solution. Extremely often used in Pharma and Graphical industry but with many more areas as well.
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