Robotics, AGV, Load & Conveyor Solutions

Sal-Tech Easy Packaging brings you an innovative yet cost-effective products and solutions fitting for your business requirement/s. Establishing a joint cooperation with prestigious ...


  • STEP AGV & Autonomous Equipment

    Salbæk Technology Group (STG) and Retnig advances possibilities of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) in warehouses which robotically transports goods within the manufacturing premises. Loading and unloading stops are programmed and such may have multiple sites and vehicle number as an option for businesses. Paper core feet solution also adds up to economically driven industries, cutting the cost of EPS blocks with a design engineered with compressive strength and neat aesthetics.

  • STEP Robotics, Robots & Grippers
  • Weighing Scale - Pallet & Platform Scales

    Weighing scales for measuring weight of product that is prepared for distribution or shipment eliminating unnecessary troubles with an incorrect weight. With choices of floor scales, platform scale, STEP Pallet scale, and Retro fit scale for STEP TP-202 strapping machine.

  • Conveyors & Equipment for Pallet handling
    Roller, chain and special conveyors, elevators, for internal pallet transport, pallet magasines & turner, from input to packaging station to output area.

  • Belt Conveyors

    We design and produce conveyors and roller conveyors adapted for the projects and machines we do. We can offer solutions within our standard set range.

  • Vibrators, Product feed & sorting

    Product vibrator are used to feed products in such a way they spread out and thereby become easier to position in the final process either using multihead combination or linear weighers.

  • Vacuum Lifting & Handling Systems

    Securing easy and safe end of line handling of your product from point of discharge in production to pallet or into carton box or within production process themselves. The option for adapting and making easy to handle and ergonomic workstations are many. Often this product needs a engineering input to allow adaption to the given space and handling situation.

  • Telescopic Unloading Conveyors & Systems

    Unloading of containers and truckbeds becomes faster and easier having a unloading conveyor system. The conveyor system transport the product from point of loading to the discharge area. At point of load robotic system for fully automatic application of pick and place onto conveyor can adapted via engineering and design projects adapted your demand set. Further equipment for measuring and weighing, labeling and loading of pallets fully automatic can de added. 

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