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STEP ARM3500 Fully Automatic Arm Wrapper



STEP ARM3500 Fully Automatic Arm Wrapper perfect for inline applications up to 50 pallets per hour

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STEP ARM3500 Fully Automatic Arm Wrapper is an Automatic Rotary Arm Wrapper, equipped with a Fastening System, a Toothed Crown that enables the machine to Rotate at a higher speed reinforced by Pillars and a 3rd Larger that stabilizes and supports the upper structure. Rotating Arm turns around the unstable load, heavy & high output demands, ensures stability and efficiency.


•  Durable Design for its flexibility, durability and efficiency
•  “M” Film Pre-Stretch of the Wrapping inside the Film Carriage increases its wrapping strength therefore securing the product even more.
•  3 All System has integrated 3 external mechanical devices into 1 single unit. From Clamping, cutting and dolly heat sealing, no Minimum wrapping Height
•  Powered film reel holder
•  Rotary arm transmission, sprocket.
•  Motorized Film Carriage
•  Turning Arm with Soft Start/Stop and Variable Speed
•  Acoustic & Luminous Warning System during operation and anomalies
•  Control Panel is PLC and LCD Touch Screen for Control Panel
•  Central Motorized Conveyor included
•  Load and Height detection by Photocell
•  10 Storable Programs for wrapping speed and no. of wraps
•  Compliance to CE Regulations

Wrapping Type Vertical
Max. Wrapping Height  Up to 2400mm (including conveyor & pallet)
Pallet and Load Dimensions 1200mm x 1000mm (direction of feed 1200mm)
Max. Weight As required
Stretch Film Outer Diameter 240± 250mm
Stretch Film Inner Diameter 76mm
Coil Height 500mm
Film Thickness 17-50µ
Max. Weight of Film 20kg
Wrapping Programs Single, Double or Complete Cycle plus 10 Storable Programs
Variable Output ±50 pallets/hr
Electric Requirements 400V 3Ph 50Hz or Based on the Country of Destination
Installed Power 4.5kw
Degree of Isolation IP 54
Compressed Air Consumption 350 I/cycle
Noise Level 70 dB (A)
STEP Item No.  43053500 
Description of option Item no. option
Special heights: 2.800mm 43053500 - 100
Special heights: 3.000mm 43053500 - 110
Special turntables:  Ø 2.400mm 43053500 - 120
Special turntables:  Ø 3.000mm 43053500 - 130
Stainless Steel 304 43053500 - 140
Explosion proof 43053500 - 150
Subzero Temperatures 43053500 - 160
Top sheet dispenser  TDM3500 43053500 - 170
Powered top platen 43053500 - 180
Pallets lift table 43053500 - 190
Security fencing 1800mm high plus other feature 43053500 -200


• Special heights: 2.800 mm, 3.000 mm.
• Special turntables: Ø 2.400 mm, Ø 3.000 mm.
• Versions

Stainless steel 304

• Explosion proof.
• Subzero temperatures.
• Accessories

Top sheet dispenser TDM3500.

• Powered top platen.
• Pallets lift table.
• Security fencing 1,800 mm high with access door and anti-intrusion photocells input and output load included mutting.

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