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STEP TRM1500 Model Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapper



A fully automatic turntable stretch wrapper or pallet wrapper. It is recommended for this machine to have safety fences fitted with muting photocells, depending on location.

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289,900.00 DKK

A versatile Fully Automatic Turntable Wrapper has a Base with Turntable powered by a Roller Conveyor and a Mast where the Film Carriage Set and Electrical Cabinet is located. Equipped with in and out signals for connection to a chain or roller conveyor, can wrap any type of load regardless of its characteristics.


1. Durable Design - Designed for its flexibility, durability and efficiency
2. “M” Film Pre-Stretch - "M” Movement of the Wrapping inside the Film Carriage increases its wrapping strength therefore securing the product even more.
3. 3 All System - Has integrated 3 external mechanical devices into 1 single unit. From Clamping, cutting and dolly heat sealing, no Minimum wrapping Height
4. Belt Drives - Belt drives are used instead of gears, lesser noise and lesser risks of trapping
5. Gear Ring - Results in a more silent operation, increased Load limit and enhances versatility
6. Touch Screen - All possible parameters are programmed as well as movements and interphases.
7. Electronic Control - Wrapper is controlled by PLC with Standard LCD Display, offers ease of doing future modifications on machine and easy repair & maintenance.
8. Electric Cabinet - Located at the back of machine mast to integrate all interconnections and ease of transport. Has enough room to do wiring for additional interconnections and modifications.
9. Frequency Inverters - Used for critical motions resulting in smooth and soft actions, prevents sudden jerks at start and stop.
10. Slip Ring - Used to ensure long lasting use of tracks, prevents dust to accumulate in tight enclosures.
11. CE Norms Compliant - Meets CE norm requirements, machine is fitted with central safety switch with visual and sound alarm warnings.

- Turntable with 3 – 5 Power Chains
- Specials Heights 2800mm – 3000mm
- Special Weights 3000 Kg
- Special Turntable: 2400mm – 3000mm


- Top Sheet Dispenser TDM1800
- Powered Top Platen
- Powered “M” Pre-Stretch
- Powered Rollers Conveyors
- Powered Chains Conveyor
- Security Fencing with anti-intrusion features


- Stainless Steel 430, 304
- Explosion Proof
- Subzero Temperature

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