Legal Notice

Writer/Approved/Date: RCL/GUS/13.02.2024



1. At Salbæk Technology Group (hereinafter- “Sal-Tech”, “we”,”us”), covering all companies, subsidiaries or branches within Salbæk Technology Group, including, but not limited to: 
1.- Sal-Tech Easy Packaging v/G. Salbæk (CVR Nr. DK 18429098) – Aabenraa, Denmark. 
2.- Sal-Tech Easy Packaging DK ApS (CVR Nr. DK 44203642) – Aabenraa, Denmark.
3.- Salbæk Technology Holding ApS (CVR Nr. DK 44200384) – Aabenraa, Denmark.
4.- Sal-Tech HKG Limited (Registration Nr. HK 1553382) – Hong Kong. 
5.- Sal-Tech Embalaje SL (CIF Nr. B01970045) – Málaga, Spain. 
6.- Sal-Tech Easy Packaging LLC (Reg nr. 35-2776554) – Chicago, U.S.A.

through its websites “, .com or .es” provides USER’S (“you”) with information on its services and activities.
1.2   The present general conditions within this legal notice are meant to exclusively rule your usage of Sal-Tech’s website and all related web-sites (“Website”) owned by Salbæk Technology Group. The present legal conditions dictate the usage of Sal-Tech’s websites where you are expected to read, and accept their terms of usage.
1.3   Access and usage of this site presupposes your complete and unconditional agreement with and the validity of each and every one of the Legal Terms and Conditions stated herein.
1.4   You undertake not to use the website and its services to execute activities against the law, or any other unauthorized purpose not stated hereunder.
1.5   You are advised to regularly check any updates for the terms and conditions for any amendments or updates.


2.1   Limited Liability of Sal-Tech: You as a user fully understand and accept that when using our website, you do so at your sole discretion and risk. In no way are we liable for the website at some stage being inaccessible for maintenance or other purposes. We reserve the right to make changes to its content, pricing, and or other aspects for amendment purposes.
2.2   Warranty: Sal-Tech cannot be held legally liable for the contents incorporated on our web-site that may infringe any third party rights, without us being aware, in good faith, of this infringement having taken place. We cannot be held liable for any damages caused as a result of inaccuracies or errors arising from the contents of our web-site.
 2.3   The usage of Sal-Tech’s website does not oblige you to register for newsletter’s , subscriptions or purchase or products/services, yet provided that you do wish to do so, you will then be required to fill in a simple form which where you will have to agree to; and accept the general terms and condition’s stated herein. 


3.1   Any use of the website not intended for the purposes of purchase of our products or services constitutes unauthorized and illegal use of our web-site making you guilty of a statutory and/or criminal offence and/or be liable for civil damages.
 3.2   It is forbidden to send massive e-mails (spamming) and send oversized messages so as to block the network servers (mail bombing).
 3.3   Access and usage conditions for this site are strictly ruled by the current law and by the Principle of Good Faith, which commits you to make a proper use of the site. Any actions against the law, or infringement of third parties interests, as a privacy right, data protection, intellectual property, etc., are completely forbidden.


 4.1   All intellectual property rights are reserved with Sal-Tech including but not limited to; copyright, patents, texts, trademarks, illustrations, photos, graphics, files, designs, arrangements etc. 
 4.2   Sal-Tech’s website is protected by copyright and all contents therein.  The Websites’ contents, programming and design is protected entirely by the copyright, and therefore reproductions, distributions or transformations which may infringe our intellectual property right are prohibited.
 4.3   You expressly agree not to:
 4.3.1  Reproduce or use the Sal-Tech’s intellectual property either in print or electronic form in violation of our  intellectual property rights or affiliated third parties;
 4.3.2  Commercially exploit, reproduce, distribute, transmit, display, publish or broadcast any Website intellectual property without prior our consent or in the case of third party content, the rights holder of such intellectual property;
 4.3.3  Not to claim ownership of Website intellectual property in part or in its entirety;
 4.3.4  Modify the Website content for the purposes of reposting to other websites;
 4.3.5  Alter or remove any trademark, copyright from the Website content; and
 4.3.6  Copy, store, or otherwise incorporate Website content or intellectual property into any other web site, electronic retrieval system, publication, etc.
 4.4   Sal-Tech is a registered trademark. It's completely forbidden any external usage of Sal-Tech; this prohibition includes both the name and the logo, unless Sal-Tech explicitly allows their usage. All rights are reserved.
 4.5   The buyer of Sal-Tech’s products obtains no rights in the form of license, patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right associated with that product. The buyer acquires no rights to the source code of the software.
 4.6   Delivered manuals and drawings may not be copied or distributed without our written consent.
 4.7   Translations are always Sal-Tech's property and copyright protected.


5.1 Any information that is not publicly available, including drawings and technical documents handed over by Sal-Tech to Buyer ("Confidential Information"), shall remain Sal-Tech's property and must be treated as a Trade secret by the buyer.

5.2  Confidential Information shall not without Sal-Tech's written consent be copied, reproduced or transferred to third parties or used for any purpose other than that the transfer was intended.

5.3   Confidential Information shall be returned on demand to Sal-Tech.


6.1  If one or more provisions of Sal-Techs Terms and Conditions are void and/or unenforceable, then the remaining provisions validity in this document remains unimpaired.


7.1  Court of Sønderborg, Denmark will have non-exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in connection with the agreement, unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing.


8.1  Complaints must be promptly communicated to Sal-Tech in writing within 5 days of delivery/order confirmation of the product and/or service.