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STEP TP CIL Transcorrliner Corrugated Industry Inline Strapping Machine


STEP TP – CIL TransCorrLiner is a fully automatic system for strapping in the flute direction, designed specifically for the corrugated industry. Its high speed inline squaring and strapping provides a perfect match to your flexo folder gluer line and case maker.

More details

STEP TP – CIL is designed that allows its drape – strap feeding to use economical PP Strap with good performance. Available in Single and Twin Strapping Heads, fast and easy job change within 15 seconds for different bundle dimensions also greatly minimize costly downtime. Both make STEP TP – CIL the most cost – effective strapping solution in the corrugated industry.

Taking you to the next level with its:

1. Compact & Robust Strapping Head: This machine uses brushless DC motor technology in sealing head, needle and off – center strapping to provide the highest level of accuracy and reliability. All motors are German made to ensure that sealing efficiency is high and consistent, thermocouple is used to control the heat sealing system.
2. Intelligent Pusher Optimizes Speed (patent registered): An Intelligent self – positioned pusher is used to automatically detect bundle length and height. It increases speed and streamlines production line.
3. Strapping in the Flute Direction: Applying strapping in the transport direction, in line with the flutes, typically reduces strap consumption and also ensures the strap is applied in the optimum position.
4.Independent Controlled Conveyor: To eliminate bundle jams, an independent built – in conveyor is used at the entrance.
5. Automatic Bundle Size Setup System: To minimize costly downtime, the automatic setting mode makes the STEP TP – CIL fast setup for bundle size change in 15 seconds.
6. SIEMENS PLC and HMI: For easy adjustments, TEACH – IN Programming, simplified set – up and troubleshooting guides.
7. Off – center Strapping: The strapping position is adjustable for applying perfect strapping of complex bundles sizes and forms.
8. Good for Inexpensive Narrow Strap: The drape – strap design allows STEP TP – CIL to use economical PP Strap, maximize cost efficiency.

Capacity Up to 30 bundles/min.
Strap Width 5mm, 6mm, 8mm or 9mm PP strap
Tension Range 1-20 Kg
Bundle Weight Max. 30 Kg
Conveyor Height 750 – 1050mm
Transport Speed 30 – 80 m/min.
Electrical Requirements 230V, 50Hz 3PH Siemens Plug or Request for Other Voltage version
STEP Item No. 41199750


Powered Alignment Device
Air Conditioner for Control Box
Belt Driven conveyor for the last bundle
Sleep Mode (transmission stop)
Uplifted support
Bus Interface for bundle size data transfer from upstream equipment
Auto splicer
Auxiliary equipment: C – AC upstream accumulating conveyor for strapping line integration

Stack Sizes

Machine Model Width A (mm) Length B (mm) Height C (mm)
Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
STEP TP CIL -13S 180 1300 180 1300 50 350
STEP TP CIL-13T 450 1300 180 1300 50 350
STEP TP CIL-16S 180 1600 180 1600 50 350
STEP TP CIL-16T 450 1600 180 1600 50 350

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