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STEP TP-702CCQ Corrugated Strapping Machines with 3-Sides Squaring Function



This equipment is made suitable for the corrugated industry with an added function of 3-Side Squaring, providing a high-quality side squaring and backstop to guarantee a neat bundling shape before strapping.

More details

STEP TP-702CCQ is a combination of STEP TP-702C with a 3-Side Squaring Function enabling a professional strapping operation for the corrugated industry. It has an automatic strapping head with motors of latest technology and are German-made, offering a high-level accuracy and consistency. This equipment is also armed with a modifiable pressure on press and squaring for a range of bundle requirements, allowing strapping needs as efficient and effective as possible.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Strapping Head: Strapping head is crafted without belts, clutches, or pulleys but uses the latest motor technology providing reliability and accuracy. A compact design requiring less maintenance and cost due to its fewer components.
2. Siemens PLC Control: Function for easy use whenever operating, maintaining, and programming
3. Free Access to Strap Guides: This feature enables fast access to strap guides making a friendly design for maintenance
4. 3-Side Squaring Bundle Control: Armed with side squaring function and a backstop preparing bundle for professional and quality strapping
5. Hinged roller table: Upkeep of table top is simple as it is easy to open and of ergonomic design
6. Auto Strap Ejector: Automatic strap ejectors helps in eliminating downtime as it dispels unnecessary straps mechanically
7. Patented Jammed-Strap Ejection Device: Jammed strap ejection aids in getting rid of blocked straps easily
8. Full-Width Pneumatic Press: Makes movement of pneumatic press steady and reliable at its best
9. Multiple Strap Function: Choice of single, double, continuous strapping, or transit mode
10. Variable Conveyor Speed: A fully automatic design with conveyor speed of 15 to 60 meters per minute
11. Strap End Ejector: An easy to clean component, this makes next coil change simple as it ejects end of strap from strap feeding
12. Adjustable Pressure on Press and Squaring: Modifiable for different bundle needs

Electrical Requirement 220V, 380V, 400V, 415V 50/60Hz 3PH
Capacity 26 bundles/minute (single strap)20 bundles/minute (double straps)
Arch Size TP-702CCQ-L, 1650 mm(W) x 450 mm(H)TP-702CCQ-M, 1250 mm(W) x 450 mm(H)
Strap Width 5mm, 6mm, 9mm
Strap Type PP Strap
Tension Range 1kg – 32kg
Bundle Weight Maximum 40kg
Bundle Size Minimum (LxWxH) 300mm x 200mm x 20mm
Transport Speed 15M – 60M/minute


• Siemens display control
• Light tree alarm with low strap sensor (Triple Lamp)
• Foot pedal switch
• Strapping cycle counter

Available in different models:

STEP TP-702C Corrugated Strapping Machine
STEP TP-702CQ Corrugated 4-Side Bundle Squaring and Strapping System

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