Vertical Form Fill and Seal


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STEP VFFS 800 Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Bag machine


A VFFS Bagging Machine designed for forming, filling and Sealing quickly, accurately and reliably. Built for precision packing, suitable for different type of films and applications.

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120,000.00 DKK

STEP VFFS V800.1 & STEP VFFS V800.2 are VFFS Bagging Machines that makes full configuration of Heat Seal materials and even single layer PE Films, Dosing system is fully synchronized and uses Servo Driven Horizontal Sealing System. It operates very simple and fast, bag size changeover is easy and can be done quickly, equipped with Safety guard in case any door is opened.


• Stainless Steel Construction #304
• Mitsubishi PLC and 5.7” Touch Screen with simple based interface
• Servo Driven Film Feeding System, with Pneumatic film pulling wheel locking system
• Independent Temperature adjustment
• Program Storage and Retrieval function
• Film Auto Tracking, length is registered by photosensor makes length set up accurate


• Servo system: Single or Double
• Packaging Speed:Max film width: 800 mm
   • Single servo: 10-60 bpm
   • Double Servo: 10-100 bpm
• Bag width: 160-385 mm
• Bag length: 50-480 mm
• Speed with PP film 5-40 bpm & with PE 5-20 bpm
• Electrical connection 230V 50Hz, 4,5Kw
• Air requirements: 0,2m3 - 0,5m3/min., 6-10bar
• Machine dimension: 1740 x 1640 x 2300mm
• Machine Weight: 900kgs single servo or 960kgs double servo

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