Automatic Shrink Packaging Machines


  • E3 Hallbrook





Specially designed for the bottling industry. Best for packaging water bottles, soft drinks and even condiments.

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STEP DM782-PS Automatic Shrink Packaging Unit

Technical Features:

Feed Band, Collecting and Grouping Unit

• PLC controlled automation
• Operator display panel
• Automatic bottle organizing tracks
• Automatic bar belt for grouped product transporting
• Product counter and easy change over for different dimensions

Shrink Tunnel

• Thermometer controlled tunnel temperature.
• Tunnel conveyor is steel net belt with variable speed
• Heating elements are located in the draw at lateral for easy changing.

Packaging Capacity: 14-18 packs/min

Product: 0.5 Liter - 1.5 Liters bottle
1.5 Liters 3x2 and 3x4 and 0.5 Liter 3x4 and 4x6 arranging

For more information, see brochure.

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