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STEP TP-203 Semi-Automatic Mini Strapping Machine



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STEP TP-203 is a mini version of STEP TP-202CE, with added smoke exhaust system designed for applications in offices, banks, post offices, bookstores, department stores, and many more. An economic choice for businesses with tight budget yet still secures maximum performance and value with its reliable motor and output.

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A mini type of semi-automatic PP strapping machine suitable for various strapping applications. This STEP TP-203 version is smaller than that of STEP TP-202 though a few millimeters higher than the latter. It is installed with simple control panel for easier upkeep, operations, and regular checkup of machine as well as an exhaust system that eliminates smoke during operations. This enables a better working environment whilst ensuring cost-effectivity.

Strapping process is easy, package or boxes essential for strapping is situated in the middle of the top plates and PP strap is pulled to be bounded over the goods. The strap is then inserted on the other side of the counter for tensioning, cutting and, securing. A semi-automatic operation, reducing the time needed for strapping using manual processes.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Accuracy and Reliability: Crafted to achieve accuracy when it comes to strapping of packages. This is an equipment suitable for general strapping requirements with ensured reliable operations.
2. User Friendly Operation: Easy operation and simple maintenance
3. Electronic Tension Control: An outside mechanical tension control to fit strapping needs.
4. Hinged stainless steel top plate
5. Rigid castors with brake
6. Control Panel: A simple to use control panel for operator’s programming, setting of parameters, maintenance, inspection, and activation.
7. Economic Solution: Best performance to price ratio compared to other machines of similar support in the market.
8. Proven Quality
9. Suitability: This is engineered most appropriate for applications in the office, bank, post office, bookstore, department store, and many more.
10. Smoke exhaust system: Eliminates smoke during its processes

Dimension (LWH) 632mm x 422mm x 805mm
Strap Width 6mm - 15.5mm
Strap Type PP straps
Tension Range 9 - 30kg
Net Weight 80kg
Electrical Requirements 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz 1PH

Available in different models:

STEP TP-202CE Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
STEP TP-202L Low Table Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

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