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STEP TP-202L Low Table Semi Automatic PP Strapping Machine



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The STEP TP-202L is a low table model that could accommodate products of bulkier and heavier nature. Guaranteed economic with its performance to price ratio whilst also keeping an ergonomic environment – lessening the need for and exhaustion of workers to carry and transport larger packages with a very low table top.

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7,490.00 DKK

Industries with a much more hefty and massive package for strapping needs a strapping table with lower height – to keep an ergonomic environment for workers to not have health issues relevant to lifting heavy boxes. STEP TP-202L has a height of 372mm, giving way to a less hassle strapping processes. This equipment is appropriate for use on various products or of general applications. It is compact designed and way affordable with a practical price for small to medium sizes businesses.

Strapping process is easy, package or boxes essential for strapping is situated in the middle of the top plates and PP strap is pulled to be bounded over the goods. The strap is then inserted on the other side of the counter for tensioning, cutting and, securing.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Accuracy and Reliability: Reliable when it comes to securing packages and upkeeping the standard of precuts being strapped.
2. User Friendly Operation: Made user friendly for operation, maintenance, and inspection.
3. Electronic Tension Control: Equipped with an external tension control for programming required pressure on straps.
4. Hinged stainless steel top plate: Stainless steel plates enabling long term credibility for low to medium volume strapping needs.
5. Rigid castors with brake.
6. Control Panel: A simple to use control panel for worker’s use - be it to activate, examine, or maintain STEP TP-202L machine.
7. Economic Solution: An economic choice for strapping goods and packages with its practical price tag.
8. Proven Quality
9. Suitability and Ergonomic Solution: Engineered specifically for a more heavier and bulkier packages and goods with its low table model, removing exhaustion brought about by strapping operations to warehouse workers

Dimension (LWH) 1476mm x 586mm x 590mm(strap coil included in measurement)
Table Height 372mm
Strap Width 6mm - 15.5mm
Strap Type PP straps
Tension Range 15 - 45 kg
Net Weight 80kg
Electrical Requirements 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz 1PH


• Safety switch under the table top
• Adjustable weld-cooling time of 0 to 2 seconds

Available in different models:

STEP TP-202 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
STEP TP-203 Mini-Type Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

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