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STEP TP-202CE Strapping Machine

STEP TP-202CE is an affordable, portable, and compact semi-auto strapping machine. It is designed for general purposes and can meet various potential requirements.

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Economy semi-automatic PP strapping machine STEP TP-202CE is a strapping machine which is the most economical solution for manual operations. With tens of thousands of machines exported to the world every year, the quality of STEP TP-202CE is highly accepted and that is why we call this machine Mr. Reliable.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Compact Mechanical Strapping Head: With 30% less moving parts than conventional machines substantially reduce maintenance issues. There are no belts, chains, or pulleys. Extremely low noise sealing head.
2. Electronic Tension Control: Adjustment for strap tension (8 - 45 kg) can be easily done on the front control panel.
3. Jog Switch: Using the “Jog switch” to adjust the machine to exactly the correct position for maintenance
4. Adjustable Weld-Cooling Time: The weld cooling time can be increased to ensure high joint efficiency under high tension.
5. Large Main Switch: The lockable CE rated main power switch increases the operation safety.
6. Adjustable Table Height: The table height is adjustable to any height between 780 mm and 950 mm.


Strap Width

6 mm - 15.5 mm

Tension Range

15 - 45 kg

Net Weight

85 kg

Electrical Requirements

110V, 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz 1PH

• Adjustable table height from 760 mm to 930 mm
• Safety switch under the table top
• Adjustable weld-cooling time (0-2 sec.)

Available in different models:
STEP TP-202L Low Table Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
STEP TP-203 Mini-Type Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

STEP TP-202CE Strapping Machine


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Tel.: +45 7027 2220