STEP TP-601BP Fully Automatic Strapping Machine with Belt-Driven Table and Pneumatic Press

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A fully automatic strapping machine that straps using PP bands. This is a basic machine for general strapping requirements, reliable with its quality motor and compact design. A Pneumatic Press is mounted for easy compression of products related to papers, plastics and/or bags.

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STEP TP-601BP is designed for industries that requires products to be pressed before strapping – like corrugated goods, or paper sheets. Completely robotic with its operations to remove the requirement of further human intervention. In turn refining processes with its automatic strap feeder for easy loading of bands, automatic strap ejector for cleaning straps in table top, and an automatic strap end ejector for securing and preparing strap for next strapping cycle.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Strap Type Compatibility: PP compatible machine various for business strapping needs
2. Speed and Consistency: A durable fully automatic side sealing machine that offers accuracy in its processes
3. Pneumatic Press: An installed compressor for products such as, but not limited to: corrugated papers, paper sheets, plastic sheets, bags, and others
4. Belt Transmission: This keeps a quieter and more reliable operation in exchange for the standard roller chain
5. Hinged Top Plates: This features simple cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of machine
6. Bundle Flow Direction: The direction of flow is simple and easy to modify
7. Automatic Strap Feeding: Basic strap loading with just clicking the reset button, eliminating the requirement to open the machine for strap loading
8. Automatic Strap Ejector: This eliminated downtime as it mechanically cleans unnecessary straps when machine is operated without a package to strap
9. Electronic tension control: The machine has a tension up to 70kg which may be adjusted via turn of a dial
10. Automatic Strap End Ejector: Cleans and prepares strap for next operation mechanically
11. Conveyor Speed: Speed of conveyor is 30 meters per minute
12. Multiple Strap Compatibility: Single, double, continuous strapping, or transit mode
13. Up and down stream interlock with plug connection


Strap Type

PP Straps

Strap Width

8mm – 12mm

Table Height



Up to 18 packages per minute (60Hz)

Cycle speed up to 29 straps per minute

Pneumatic Source

6 bar

Tension Range

7kg – 70kg

Air Consumption

10 liter per cycle

Net Weight


Electrical Requirements

220V, 380V, 400V, 415V 50/60Hz 3PH

• Siemens PLC control
• Variable conveyor speed: from 18 meters/minute to 42 meters/minute
• Safety guards
• Foot pedal switch

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