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STEP TP-702BP Fully Automatic Strapping Machine with Pneumatic Press



STEP TP-702BP is a fully automatic strapping machine with dual pneumatic press that is ideal for strap compressible material such as corrugated papers, paper sheets, plastic sheets, bags, etc.

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149,800.00 DKK

This machine is derived from the design and function of the STEP TP-702BP, with the additional feature of dual pneumatic press which offers better product stability and containment of the goods. Same as the previous model, this machine is an innovative world-class high speed automatic strapping machine suitable for 5, 6, 9, or 12mm PP strap.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Dispenser Release Switch: Friendly design makes it easier to pull the strap from the strap dispenser for waist-high auto strap feeding.
2. Sensor Controlled Heater: The fast heating mechanism is sensor controlled assuring consistent and high sealing efficiency.
3. Low Voltage: All DC motors and heater are “stepped down” to 24V to increase the safety of the machine.
4. Strap End Ejector: Eject end of strap from the inlet of strap feeding. Easy to clean the end of strap and get the machine ready for next coil of strap
5. Front Foot Bar Switch: Standard front foot bar switch makes machine operation in a very easy way. Ergonomic cycle initiation design and user friendly.
6. Adjustable Table Height: The table height is adjustable to any height between 820 mm and 920 mm.

Strap Width 5 mm, 6mm or 9mm
Tension Range 1 - 32 kg
Net Weight 224 kg
Electrical Requirements 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz 1PH
Speed per minute 47 straps / min.

Higher application flexibility and adaptability

1. Good to strap small package down to 120 mm in width and 10 mm in height
2. Adjustable table height (from 800 mm to 900 mm or from 750 mm to 900 mm) to comply with the production line
3. Automatically determining center position or applying different numbers of strap even when various lengthwise bundles coming in randomly
4. Automatically applying different tension for different package height
5. Provide more signals such as ready, error, strapping complete and receiving the no strapping signal from external

More user friendly

1. The control panel with LCD display or Siemens touch panel (HMI) – providing easy parameter setting, adjustment, troubleshooting guides and real-time sensor status display depending on different models.
2. Pre-program strapping pattern setting for job change on HMI.

More maintenance friendly

1. Free Access to Strap Guides – Enable operator to reach the strap guides for maintenance without using any tools
2. Latest direct drive technology with German-made brushless motors delivering the highest level of accuracy and reliability and reducing the numbers of moving parts and maintenance cost.
3. Providing Error Code (LCD display) or Error Message (HMI model) for diagnosing machine issue quickly and shortening downtime.


• Adjustable table height from 770 mm to 820 mm
• Safety switch under the table top
• Photo-eye switch
• Rear foot bar switch
• Foot pedal switch

Available in different models:

STEP TP-702B Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

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