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STEP TP-702NL Fully Automatic Longitudinal Strapping Machine



STEP TP-702NL is a fully automatic strapping machine applicable for longitudinal strapping requirements towards transport direction. With a speedy processing ensuring efficient and productive operation.

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185,700.00 DKK

STEP TP-702NL operates and carries bundles in transport direction with variable conveyor speed. A design particularly applicable for packing newspapers, magazines, commercial and order mailing strapping needs. Guaranteeing accuracy, precision, and neatness of packing products for customer satisfaction.

Taking you to the next level with its:

1. Strapping Head: Equipped with a durable and compact strapping head
2. Patent Automatic Tension Control: Tension from 1 to 32kg
3. Siemens Touch Panel: PLC Control and touch panel offers easy operation guides and troubleshooting
4. Coil change: A speedy coil change for a more efficient operation
5. Free access to strap guides: Requires simpler maintenance and enables free access to strap guides, this is patent registered
6. Easy access to strapping head: Motor technology of latest version provides a higher accuracy and reliability
7. Adjustable Height: Table height is adjustable between 800mm and 900mm, as needed
8. Automatic strap loop ejection
9. Stream Interlock: Up and down stream interlock with complete plug connection
10. Light tree alarm (Dual Lamp)
11. Strap Chute: Self-adjusting strap chute is patent registered and is designed to automatically detect bundle height and position product accurately for a quicker processing

Dimensions 1160W x 850D x 2300-2400H
Strapping Speed 31 package/minute
Strap Width 5mm, 6mm, or 9mm
Strap Thickness 0.35mm – 0.65mm
Tension 1 to 32kg
Machine Net Weight 460kg
Maximum Weight of Package 25kg
Package Size Maximum Width: 450mm
Length: 500mm
Height: 400mm
Package Size Minimum Width: 120mm
Length: 210mm
Height: 10mm
Strap Coil 200mm (150mm is optional)
Power Consumption 1.0kW
Conveyor Speed 10 – 60M/minute
Electrical Requirement 220V/380V/400V, 50/60Hz, 3PH


• Energy saving with automatic sleep mode
• Triple lamp, user-friendly low strap sensor
• Height adjustable between 730mm to 800mm
• Side squaring, automatic
• Reverse bundle flow
• Low volume bundle bypass
• Caster movable

Available in different models:

STEP TP-702NS Fully Automatic Print Media Strapping Machine
STEP TP-702NIL Fully Automatic Strapping System for In-Line Cross Strapping
STEP TP-702NAD Fully Automatic Print Media Strapping Machine with Multi-Angle Diverter Function
STEP TP-702MGZ Fully Automatic Print Media Specialty Strapping Machine

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