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STEP TP-601DS Stainless-Steel Automatic Strapping Machine



This an automatic strapping equipment similar to STEP TP-601D, with added stainless-steel frame. A strapping machine most suitable for humid or wet environment – poultry, marine life, agricultural plants, and other industries required of extreme or damp conditions.

More details

STEP TP-601DS is a stainless-steel automatic strapping machine with its robust steel frame, it cases the high-quality parts to work and even withstand a setting that risks equipment to deterioration and rusting. Improved performance and productivity is ensured with the durable strapping head, mechanically programmed strap feeder, ejector, and sensor. Strapping products of general nature with PP straps that measures 8mm to 12mm in width and 0.55mm to 0.75mm in thickness. All generating results of until 29 straps per minute.

Taking you to the next level with its:

1. Stainless Steel housing and parts
2. Strap Type Compatibility: Machine made for various PP strapping applications
3. Speed and Consistency: A durable fully automatic machine that offers accuracy in its processes
4. Automatic Strap Feeding: Strap loading is easy as operator would not have the need to open the machine
5. Multiple methods of cycle initiation
6. Display Panel: Control panel is user friendly for easy operation and maintenance
7. Strap Sensor: This function detects whether the strap is long enough for sealing cycle
8. Automatic Strap Ejector: This eliminates downtime as it mechanically cleans unnecessary straps when machine is operated without a package to strap
9. Electronic tension control: The machine has a tension up to 70kg, upon demand, which may be adjusted via turn of a dial
10. Automatic Strap Refeed: This eliminates downtime as it is robotically refeeding straps when mis-feed happens
11. Automatic Strap End Ejector: Cleans and prepares strap for next operation mechanically

Strap Type PP straps
Strap Thickness 0.55mm – 0.75mm
Strap Width 8mm – 12mm
Speed 29 straps per minute (60Hz)
Tension Range 7kg – 45kg70kg upon request
Net Weight 220kg
Electrical Requirements 230V,  50Hz 1PH Siemens Plug Type, Request for other Voltage type 


• Smoke exhaust system with carbon filter
• Emergency stop switch
• Complete arch in stainless steel

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