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STEP TP-601LCE All-Purpose Automatic Strapping Machine



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STEP TP-601LCE is an automatic strapping machine for all-purpose strapping requirements whilst also enhancing performance and productivity rate. A reliable tool for different applications.

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STEP TP-601LCE is engineered for strapping needs with speed up to 29 straps per minute. Well-built to accommodate larger and heavier packages while keeping operations safe and effort exertion at a low level. This machine includes a low table height of 410mm for a bulkier and heftier package to undergo package strapping. Lessening labor exhaustion due to tedious procedures, this secures a high probability of effective and efficient production/packaging processes.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Strapping head: Durability for excellent machine output
2. Electronic Tension Control: User friendly and promotes easy operation
3. Auto Strap Feeding: Feeds straps automatically and loading of strap with simplicity
4. Auto Strap Ejector: Disregards and eliminates unnecessary straps for when machine is powered accidentally then eradicates downtime
5. Short Feed Sensor: This distinguishes if the strap is prepared for sealing and when not in the supposed position, machine will not proceed its cycle
6. Auto Strap Refeed: Automatically feeding the strap if ever mis-feed happens
7. Strap End Ejector: Prepares equipment ready for next coil of strap and also makes cleaning the end of strap easier
8. Multiple Methods of Cycle Initiation: Options to operate includes numerous methods
9. Low Table: Low height of table for a heavier and bulkier package without much lifting effort

Arch Size (WxH) Standard: 850mm x 600mm
Strap Width 8mm – 12mm
Strap Thickness 0.55mm – 0.75mm
Net Weight 235kg
Speed per minute 29 straps/minute (60Hz)
Tension Range 7kg to 45kgUpon request for up to 70kg
Electrical Requirement 230V, 50Hz 1PH or Request for Other Voltage Version

H                   W 650 850 1050 1250 1450
600   STANDARD      
800 N/A        
1000 N/A        
1200 N/A        


• Smoke exhaust system with carbon filter
• Emergency stop switch

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