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STEP TP-601YA Fully Automatic Side Seal Strapping Machine


Fully Automatic Side-Seal Strapping Machine. Great for harsh working environments such as sawmills, bricks or tile industy. The stainless steel model is also ideal for the food industry particularly the fishing industry.

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55,990.00 DKK

STEP TP-601YA Fully Automatic Side Seal Strapping Machine

Fully Automatic Side Seal Strapping machine, this machine can be fully integrated into any production line, can be used in various ways. Suitable for Large and Heavy products, Household Appliances, Marine products and other products considered as dusty. Strap function can perform Single, Double and even continuous strapping or transit mode.


  • Fully Automatic Side-Seal Strapping Machine offers high quality and high performance
  • Multiple strap function for single, double, continous strapping or transit mode.
  • Easy adjustable roller-driven table height.
  • Automatic Strap feeding
  • Electric Tension Control
  • Automatic Strap Ejector
  • Variable conveyor speed: 10-40 meters per minute
  • 480mm minimum conveyor height



Strap Width

8mm – 12mm

Strap Tension

7 Kg – 70 Kg


18 packages/min. (60 Hz)

Net Weight

333 Kg

Electrical Requirements

230V 50/60 Hz 1 Ph

Request for other type for Supply Voltage

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