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STEP TP-601YPT Automatic Side Seal Strapping Machine



STEP TP-601YPT is a semi-automatic side sealing machine that is suitable for both PET and PP strap types. Ensuring efficiency and effectivity in the warehouse as it also package bulkier and taller merchandise such as, but not limited to: palletized products, refrigerators, washing machines, television, and other appliances that may be seen at home.

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87,990.00 DKK

This side sealing machine has larger arch size, fitting for strapping larger and bulkier produces and merchandise like home appliances or palletized goods. With its compact and innovative design, this durable equipment promises precision and accuracy on its operations without risking unnecessary cost for maintenance or material. For added function, STEP TP-601YPT has an installed Strap Refeed and Strap Ejector, fully eliminating waste of time for basic to heavy duty strapping needs.

Taking you to the next level with its:

1. Side Seal Strapping Functions
2. Speed and Consistency: A durable semi-automatic side sealing machine that offers accuracy in its processes
3. Several Arch Size Dimensions: Improved to provide strapping processes for pallets and/or goods that are taller in height
4. Various Strap Type Compatibility: PET and PP compatible machine various for business strapping needs
5. Friction weld sealing technology: Seals traps with reliability and effectivity, resilient to breaking, this is also prided with no fumes or odor
6. Siemens PLC control: PLC control panel is user friendly for easy operation and maintenance while it fits several strapping applications when programed
7. Electronic tension control: The machine has a tension up to 1500 N or 150 in kilograms
8. Automatic Strap Refeed: This eliminates downtime as it is robotically refeeding straps when mis-feed happens
9. Automatic Strap Ejector: This eliminated downtime as it mechanically cleans unnecessary straps when machine is operated without a package to strap

Strap Type PET or PP
Strap Width 9mm – 15.5mm
Strap Core Size 406mm (200/280mm as option)
Speed Up until 11 straps per minute (60Hz)
Tension Range 20kg – 150kg
Net Weight 355kg
Electrical Requirements 220V, 380V, 400V 50/60Hz 3PH


• Up and down stream interlock with photo-eye control
• Emergency stop switch
• Foot pedal switch
• Strap dispenser that could turn at 90-degree
• An adjustable roller table (TP-601YPT-T)

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