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STEP TP-502CE Strapping machine with eletrical adjust of tension

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STEP TP-502CE Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines. A packaging table with electrically adjustable tensioning.

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STEP TP-502CE Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines
Packaging Table with Electrically Adjustable Tensioning.

Display of forward feed strap length and tensioning. Adjustable table height.
STEP TP-502CE semi automatic strapping machines gives you many advantages for simple and safe operation:

  • Large flexibility as the machine is compact, light weight, easy to move around and sues little space.

  • 24Volt motors.

  • The machine can be adjusted for PP strap width between 6 and 12 mm on a Ø200 core.

  • It will do very low tension without damaging the product,  due to the design of the strapping head.

  • The spacer and welding system is made so you can strap even small items can be strapped together, down to about 20x100mm. Option for small package option can be added.

  • Easy to operate. Just place your product on the table top, feed the strap around the product into the spacer, then the STEP TP-502CE will do the rest.

  • Easy to maintain. STEP TP-502CE only demands cleaning and oiling weekly to monthly depending of use.

Core: Ø200/W190mm
Electrical connection: Single phase according to local standard.

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