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STEP MHL-10-50 Multihead Linear Potato Weigher 5,0L



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STEP MHL-10.50 Multihead weigher is a linear packing machine for potatoes and root crops with speed as quick as 50BPM per 1kg. With an added function of PC technology and connection for an easier control and maintenance.

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A Linear Combination weigher machine that is titled to go beyond linear weighing and packing, this 10 Head Weigher swiftly operate to pack potato crops at a reasonable speed with consistency and precision. Maintaining that produce are of high quality for satisfaction of customers, this also provides a healthier production plant in terms of aiding in efficiency, effectivity, and worker safety.


• Accuracy and Reliability: A 10 head weigher machine that is constructed made by superior standard materials for a better performance and accuracy for the manufacturing plant
• Speed: May reach as high as 50BPM, this is when packing potatoes of about 1kg, higher speed performance compared to traditional Linear Feeders
• Control System: A new 4.0 generation of control system is installed for easy user interface
• PC Connection: Machine may be connected to a PC for parameter settings
• USB Function: USB feature helps in uploading and downloading functions for the weigher equipment
• Camera: It is camera supported
• 10 head as top hopper: Ensure fragile handling, movement of farm products in between Hoppers and Belt Conveyor
• Linear and Multihead Weigher: Best combination of Linear and Multihead Weigher Technology, suitable for Farm Products
• Stronger Feeder: Ensure heavy products are moved without any difficulty.

Model STEP MHL-10-50
Generation 4G
Weighing Range 100g – 5000g
Accuracy ±5g – 20g
Max. Speed 60WPM
Power Supply 380V, 50/60Hz, 2KW
Hopper Volume 5L
Monitor 10.4” in. Color Touch Screen
STEP Item No. 48291050

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