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  • E3 Hallbrook


STEP MHW-24-05 Multihead Weigher 0,5L with Mix Function & Memory Hopper



A 24 head weigher with mixing function and memory hopper to help achieve great performance and productivity rate. This vertical processing weigher and packing tool is mainly applicable to grains, nuts, candies, chips, and many more.

More details

This 24 Head mix multi-weigher is an innovative design furnished with three-hopper layers – feed, weigh, and memory hoppers – to cultivate high accuracy packing requirements. The machine is also adept to mix up to 5 products weighing from 15g to 500g. Securing a high-quality produce at a reasonable price, this equipment also ensures consistency attributable to its memory hopper feature.

Taking you to the next level with its:

1. 3 Hopper Layer: Equipped with three layers of hoppers for high accuracy production
2. Speed: A high speed equipment with one continuous vertical packing machine assuring desired output
3. Multiple Discharge: This enables machine to work with twin or multi-line packing machine
4. Mixing Products: Makes way for mixing two to five products whilst diminishing interruption and/or delays
5. Memory Hopper: Installed to increase weigh accuracy and precision of goods being packed
6. Camera: Aids in monitoring of operation and machine upkeep
7. Network Service: Simple control and maintenance for operators using PC
8. USB Upgrade

Display 10.4 inch colored touch screen
Hopper Volume 0.5L with memory hopper
Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz, 3.5kW
Weighing Range 15g – 500g
Accuracy X(2)
Maximum Speed 220 or 4x60WPM
Software Generation 4G

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