STEP 30 Head 5 Product Mix Multi-head Weigher +

STEP 30 Head 5 Product Mix Multi-head Weigher

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This VFFS Multi-head weigher is suitable for not just 2 product mixing rather up until 5 product mixes with guaranteed high speed and accuracy. Weighing wide range of materials such as, but not limited to: grains, cereals, nuts, candies, etc.

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STEP 30 Head 5 Product Mix Multi-head weigher is made with stainless steel and is operated using a 10.4” touchscreen display in 3 language options. Now you’ll be able to mix for a maximum of 5 variants and pack them with consistent swiftness and exactness. With its mixing compensation function, there’s no issue about inaccuracies of total weight. In addition, visual display is possible through the camera on topcone and feeding may be measured by photo sensor or load cell if need arises (optional).

Taking you for extra miles with its:
1. Low Load Limit: No worries for wasted material. Weighing and Packing will stop operation when there’s not enough product on to be weighed and packed.
2. Counting Function: Typically combined by weight of material but an option to count by pieces is also available.
3. Collection bucket: Situated at the bottom of the machine, this high speed collet hopper is optional for client needs.
4. Triple Layer Hopper: Feed, Weigh and Memory hopper for increased speed and accuracy.
5. Vibration: The vibrating amplitude may be adjusted for specific needs to fully optimize product flow.
6. Easy Operation: Easy way to operate with the simple operator interface.


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