STEP Transpak Strapping Machines

Sal-Tech Easy Packaging (STEP) and the prominent Transpak Equipment Corporation joins together to bring businesses innovative strapping ...

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    This an automatic strapping equipment similar to STEP TP-601D, with added stainless-steel frame. A strapping machine most suitable for humid or wet environment – poultry, marine life, agricultural plants, and other industries required of extreme ...

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    STEP TP-202CE1 is a semi-automatic PP strapping machine made suitable for low to medium volume strapping requirements of various industries. Compatible for PP straps measuring 6 mm up until 15.5mm in width, ensuring a protection of goods integrity.

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  • Project solution for design and configuration as per requirements
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    STEP TP – CIL TransCorrLiner is a fully automatic system for strapping in the flute direction, designed specifically for the corrugated industry. Its high speed inline squaring and strapping provides a perfect match to your flexo folder gluer ...

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    High speed fully automatic strapping machine for horizontal applications. Perfect for barrels, bricks, bottles, beverages and kinds of long upstanding products. 

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    STEP Kronos H46-13 commonly on stock
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    A world-class battery powered strapping tool. With flexible settings, wide tension range, and the ability to accommodate both PP and PET strapping.

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    Automatic Strapping machine with arch, for 9-12-15,5mm PP strap on Ø200 core. 26 straps per minute.

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