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It is widely used in logistics shipping and receiving distribution centers, ports, docks, stations, airports and warehouses. Involving industries of post, home appliances, food, tobacco and light industry. It saves time of walking back and forth to makes the loose loading work more efficient and less intensive.

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STEP TBC Models are conveyors designed with movable Dockless Telescopic Belt Conveyor with hydraulic lift that are custom built in 3 and 4 stages that makes it have an adjustable height from 6 meters up to 14 meters depending on which model you choose from that suits your production requirements.


• Suitable to handle all kinds of products
• Adjustable Height and Speed
• Various Length options
• Safe and Easy operation
• CE Certified Product

STEP Item No. Model Base Length Extended Length Total Length Belt Height Min. Max. Load Belt Speed m/min.
47301010 TBC 3S-4.5/6 4.500mm 6meter 10.5meter 750mm 50Kg/m 15-30
47301020 TBC 3S-6/8.5 6.000mm 8.5meter 14.5meter 750mm 50Kg/m 15-30
47301030 TBC 4S-6/12 6.000mm 12meter 18meter 800mm 50Kg/m 15-30
47301040 TBC 4S-7/14 7.000mm 14meter 21meter 800mm 50Kg/m 15-30


• Initial dip noose inlet conveyor
• Robot pick up and load to conveyor
• Scanner functions
• Imaging functions
• Sorting system
• Palletizing
• Un palletizing

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