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STEP 400 Cardboard Shredder



Boost Your Green Credentials with the STEP 400 Cardboard Shredder! This eco-conscious powerhouse operates on less than 1000 watts and shreds cardboard and paper at a brisk 5.5 meters per minute, all within a compact design. Featuring user-friendly controls and a quiet operation at just 65dB, it’s the perfect addition to any sustainability-focused business.

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12,950.00 DKK

Revolutionize Recycling in Your Business with the STEP 400 Cardboard Shredder! This eco-friendly shredder efficiently processes discarded cardboard and paper at speeds of 5.5 meters per minute, all while operating on less than 1000 watts. Its compact design and easy-to-use rocker switch controls make it an ideal choice for companies dedicated to sustainable practices.
Streamline Recycling with Eco-Efficiency and Quiet Operation
1. Eco-Friendly and Efficient: Recycles cardboard and paper in an environmentally friendly manner.
2. Compact Design: Suitable for various business environments without requiring much space.
3. Low Power Consumption: Operates on less than 1000 watts, enhancing energy efficiency.
4. High Shredding Speed: Capable of shredding at 5.5 meters per minute.
5. Quiet Operation: Maintains a low noise level of 65dB, minimizing disruption.


Cutting Capacity
1 layer
Throat Width
420 mm
Shredder Speed
Machine Dimensions
Noise level
Item No.

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