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STEP Foot Type Constant Heat Sealers



Some industries like in the medical field and military packaging require the use of Constant Heat Sealer. It is suitable for Aluminum bags, Aluminum gusset bags, vacuum bags and sterilization bags.

More details

It makes constant heat and results in a very wide hermetic seal unlike impulse sealers. The sealing is from both sides (lower element and upper element) and then makes a knurled cross hatch pattern which produces an extremely strong seal. These machines have an additional benefit of having very minimal spare parts requirements over their life.


• Width of Sealing Line is 10mm
• Available for aluminum bag, tinfoil bag and sterilization bag
• Comes in various Sizes 220mm, 250mm, 300mm & 450mm


• Heating Isolation Board
• Bag width adjustment
• Electric Magnet for Pedal Switch Control
• Pneumatic Equipment for Pedal Switch Control
• Date coder
• Extra-longer sealing machine
• Voltage Version: 100V,110V,120V,220V,240V

Description 220mm Foot Type Constant Heat Sealer 250mm Foot Type Constant Heat Sealer 300mm Foot Type Constant Heat Sealer 450mm Foot Type Constant Heat Sealer
Max Sealing 220mm x 10mm 250mm x 10mm 300mm x 10mm 450mm x 10mm
Machine Weight 12.50 Kg 13 Kg 13.50 Kg 14 Kg
Dimension 320 x 340 x 900mm 320 x 340 x 900mm 320 x 340 x 900mm 320 x 340 x 900mm
Voltage 230V, 50Hz, Siemens Plug or Request for other Voltage Version
STEP Item No. 49172210 49172510 49173510 49174510

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