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STEP DS-3010FT Double Impulse Foot Sealer


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Double Impulse Foot Sealer, for heavy duty sealing applications and easy to use as both hands are free.

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Our wide range of Double-Sided Impulse foot sealer comes in various machine width from 300, 450, 600 up to 750mm and 2 sealing widths 5 and 10mm to choose from. The sealing effect is according to machine width and sealing width with options to add an electric magnet or pneumatic equipment for pedal switch-controlled sealing.


● Double Heating Element
● Can use PE, PP, PVC, OPP, POF, aluminum bag, tinfoil bag and sterilization bag

Description 12in Foot Type Impulse Sealer 18in Foot Type Impulse Sealer 24in Foot Type Impulse Sealer 30in Foot Type Impulse Sealer
Model DS-305FT DS-3010FT DS-455FT DS-4510FT DS-605FT DS-6010FT DS-755FT DS-7510FT
Sealing Length 5mm 10mm 5mm 10mm 5mm 10mm 5mm 10mm
Max. Sealing (mm) 300x5 300x10 450x5 450x10 600x5 600x10 750x5 750x10
Machine Weight 20 Kgs 28 Kgs 22 Kgs 26 Kgs 25 Kgs 27 Kgs 28 Kgs 30 Kgs
Dimension (mm) 380 x 370 x 900 530 x 370 x 900 680 x 370 x 900 830 x 370 x 900
Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz ( Siemens Plug), Request for other type of Voltage
STEP Item No. 49190305 49193010 49190455 49194510 49190605 49196010 49190755 49197510


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