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STEP FAC-N980AC Bag Closing Machine with Conveyor



Maximize your productivity with the STEP FAC-N980AC Bag Closing Machine with Conveyor System, designed for high-speed, precision sealing in industrial environments. Customize your operation with various machine heads, an advanced photoelectric sensor, and optional paper tape closure for consistent, superior performance.

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96,000.00 DKK

Elevate your packaging efficiency with the STEP FAC-N980AC Bag Closing Machine with Conveyor System. Engineered for high-speed, this versatile sealing solution seamlessly integrates into industrial environments, promising reliability and superior performance. With customizable options including various machine heads and an automatic in-feed device, alongside an optional paper tape closure, the STEP FAC-N980AC adapts to your specific operational needs. Equipped with a precision photoelectric sensor and an easy-to-manage control box, it ensures consistent, high-quality seals, enhancing your productivity and throughput. Perfect for businesses aiming to optimize their packaging processes with speed and accuracy. Experience the next level of automated bag closing and keep your production line moving efficiently.

Boost Your Packaging Efficiency: The STEP FAC-N980AC Bag Closing Machine with Conveyor Delivers High-Speed, Precision Sealing

1. Conveyor System: Facilitates smooth and continuous feed of bags, ensuring consistent handling and throughput.
2. Auto In-Feed Device: Enhances efficiency with automatic feeding, upgradeable to an Auto Folder for additional convenience.
3. Auto Thread Cutter: Automatically cuts both thread and paper tape, ensuring clean finishes and strong seals.
4. Photoelectric Sensor: Enhances precision by detecting the bag edges, thus facilitating accurate alignment and consistent bag sealing.
5. Control Box: Simplifies operations with centralized control, making adjustments quick and user-friendly.

500-600 bags/hr
Stitch Type
Double Thread Chain Stitch
Material Thickness
Tape Cutting
Auto Thread Cutting
Motor Required
3PH / 230V / 1 / 2HP, 50 Hz, Siemens Plug or Request for other Voltage version
Working Operation
Photoelectronic control
Height Adjustment Range
720-1200 mm
Item No.

Watch the STEP FAC-N980AC in Action: High-Speed, Precision Bag Sealing Technology

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